Technology and Public Media

Scott With Tools

I enjoy technology. As a youth, catalogs from Lafayette, Radio Shack, Heathkit, and Edmund Scientific were stacked with Jules Verne and Arthur C. Clarke novels, an encyclopedia, and a dictionary. Spaceflight and other worlds gave way to Dynaco, Ampex, and then Fortran.  

To this day, I appreciate the importance of the proper application of both grammar and a wrench to get things done.

The changing media world is offering up the potential for public media to take an even larger role in informing the public and convening community. I am eager to contribute to the success of what is next.  

Helping things and people work TOGETHER

Technology is a tool to accomplish things.  It may be a device or a process, or a combination of both. The creators of technology are often not the same people who will be working with technology. The "creators" and the "practitioners" are often very different in their backgrounds, learning styles and perspectives. Communication and understanding across the "system" is one of the biggest impediments to technological success. 

I specialize in helping all of the stakeholders open up a dialog, find understanding, and to cut to the essential challenges to be solved and opportunities to be siezed.   If we can make connections, we can create something new that can be replicated, and that can also evolve, grow, and change over time.   

Technology allows us to do almost anything.  But no one has the time, money or talent to do everything.  It is important, to make good choices. 

Capital and Technical Project Management

I have had the opportunity to manage and lead construction and expansion projects, and technology initiatives. Experienced with local, state and federal government coordination, permitting, licensing, and approval. Thaat also includes crafting contracts, management agreements, business plans, and intellectual property agreements.

NPR Tomorrow Radio at NAB CEA

L to R:Scott Hanley, NPR Board/WDUQ; Mike Starling, NPR; Mike Bergman, Kenwood; Lucius Stone, Harris Corp.                           Tomorrow Radio Presentation © NPR 2005

National Public Radio

From 2003-2008, I was Chair of the NPR Distribution/Interconnection Committee for the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS). We worked to bring 400 stations and 200 program producers through the rollout of a new, complex program delivery system.

WDUQ-FM Pittsburgh

It was my privilege to serve as General Manager of WDUQ from 1995 through 2011. A founding member station of NPR, WDUQ was also a founding participant in the groundbreaking NPR/stations collaboration, The station pioneered digital services in public radio, online, and HD Radio

JazzWorks, LLC 

I was co-Founder and Manager of this advanced-technology programming service for public radio stations across the country.  Using an innovative distributive production model with staff and producers located across the nation.

JazzWorks was awarded major Corporation for Public Broadcasting “Future Fund” grants for developing new hardware, software, processes, creating new services, and sustainable business models.

Involved and In Service

Panelist/Presenter, Public Radio Conference, NAB Convention, PBS/NPR Online Summit, National Endowment for the Arts, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NETA, and other conferences on technology, media, financial management, economic development, marketing, music, and other disciplines. I also served as President of the Pittsburgh Radio Organization for a decade. I was recently elected to serve on the board of APRE, the Association of Public Radio Engineers. 

WDUQ-FM Auxiliary/HD Antenna Installation © 2005 Scott Hanley

Member, National Radio Systems Committee (National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association), 2006 to 2011.

PRRO Award

On July 13, 2011, I was honored to receive the Public Radio Regionals Award, granted to “unsung” heroes in public radio.   © Scott Hanley 2016