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This is the website for Scott Hanley.  Scott E. Hanley.  The one who grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, whom you may have heard or seen on public radio or public TV.

There has been much more. Working across boundaries in media, technology, journalism, education, entertainment, business, public policy, music, and civic life. I have been called "an innovator, an instigator, and an implementer."

Most recently, I spent four years as General Manager for WBHM-FM, Birmingham, Alabama. A great opportunity to work with a dedicated, talented staff in a special city, a great university, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, plus a strong community of listeners and supporters. 

For sixteen years, I led the top NPR station in Pittsburgh. I served on the NPR board for six very busy and sometimes tumultuous years. I also teach, write, perform, and continue to engage in consulting and project work. Open to opportunities and possibilities.

I aspire to contribute to a society which allows people to make a good living and to also live fulfilling, interesting lives. This site is about the journey so far.


Photo credit: Mark Vogelzang 2011   © Scott Hanley 2016