Scott Hanley Returns to Pennsylvania from Alabama

After four impactful years, Scott Hanley is ending his tenure as General Manager of Public Radio 90.3 WBHM in Birmingham, Alabama. 


During his time in the Magic City, WBHM advanced its local news effort, and instituted new community outreach and partnerships. WBHM saw financial support from individuals and businesses grow to record highs. WBHM became home to the Southern Education Desk, and WBHM staff were increasingly featured on national news programs from NPR and other networks.

“We’ve done some important and often fun work, winning awards, smiles, and most importantly, helping make Birmingham and Alabama better,” says Hanley. “We have engaged in conversations and told stories that have changed how people see and understand each other and Alabama.”

Hanley has returned to southwestern Pennsylvania, where he will be busy with  media, consulting, and family business interests. “Over time, the 700 mile commute between Birmingham and my wife and family in Pennsylvania was not sustainable,” he added, “but I leave Alabama with great pride in our accomplishments and the people I’ve had the privilege to work with over these years, with confidence in the even greater things these folks, UAB, and Birmingham will do, next.” 

Photo credit: Beau Gustafson, Big Swede Inc.   © Scott Hanley 2016